The Power of Sweater Weather.


Welp, this week is Thanksgiving and I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude. My fellow Floridians and I are about to experience a week's worth of 50-60 degree weather and I am beginning to see more and more households adorning their homes with pretty lights and ribbon. When I begin to feel that cool gust of fall air my heart just sings. I roll out of my warm bed (well maybe not roll, it's more like a strange karate move) and begin the process of getting snug and cozy for the day. Fall is, after all, less about looking stylish and more about looking like the oldest, coziest, plaid blanket your grandmother owns.

Despite the wonderful feelings that envelop my mind and heart during this time, the season of sweater-wearing has always been symbolic of two things: giving and laughter.


True giving means to give not just of our financial means and physical items but also of our time. One of the most significant things I aspire to instill in my daughter is to teach her about giving without expecting anything in return and to not be judgmental of those needing help. I was privileged to grow up with a father who took numerous opportunities to help others. I have many memories of him helping or buying folks a meal. Even as a small child, I knew these were significant nuggets that I needed to store away and apply to my life.

Laugh as Often as Humanly Possible

Is it possible that the cozier I feel, the more chatty I get? The fall colors, warm drinks, and board games bring out the best in me. Let me tell you, if you just kick start a game of Heads Up, you will hear laughter like none other from not only me but my entire sibling group. Soak in this atmosphere, suck up every drop of laughter and familiarity during this time, your "family and friends" time. Check the chaos, uncertainty, and anxiousness that befalls us week after week at the door and choose to fill your laugh tanks instead. It's good for the soul.


Wishing you the coziest, oversized sweaters to come your way. 

Happy Thanksgiving.