How my age has influenced my exercise.


In high school, I always dreaded sport tryout season. I mean, I was pretty naturally athletic, but tryouts meant the dreaded mile run under 8 minutes. Please understand that I am in no way trying to be self deprecating when I say, my body was not built for running, let alone a timed run. None the less, every year, I ran and with little conditioning I always made it just in time to meet the requirements. Well time passes, one gets older, heavier, knees get squeekier its seems, and endurance shortens. Now in my thirties, I have just recently found an exercise regime that actually works for me, through much trial and error, which helps me still feel good, reasonable on time ( ahem, I have a toddler so this is imperative) and targets core areas of my body that I prefer working.


Exercise ball

sometime a solid floor or sidewalk surrounding a local city lake

and a half a cup of enthusiasm ;)

With a combination of brisk walking (whilst pushing a 20ish lbs toddler in a stroller), several sets of crunches, push ups, and lunges, I've got some extra pep in my step back and some semblance of pre baby body (cause lets face it, its never gonna bounce back entirely and I've accepted that.)

With that said, its important to understand that perspective has a TON to do with following through a consistent and reasonable exercise routine. We all have our own personal goals and mine tend to fall under the areas of keeping my energy up and feeling good about my body and self. Physical activity is cathartic (amen!) and can also be a great way to manage stress, so bonus! At the end of the day, you need to do you and feel good about YOURSELF. To be frank, once I stopped comparing myself unrealistically to other women, it was a lot easier to set attainable goals for myself.

In a nut shell, next time you go to the gym, grocery store, or are walking a lake, fashion and wear a pair of blinders that keep you from monitoring how quickly the person next to you is running or refrain from peeking into someone else's cart to see what percentage of it is all organic and whole 30 friendly. You'll thank me later.